SJL’s Surveying Services include:

ALTA Survey
An ALTA survey is a unique boundary survey typically for commercial property and requested by a lender and/or title company. The ALTA survey is a drawing prepared to minimum standards adopted by the American Land Title Association / American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ALTA/ACSM) and shows improvements such as buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, utilities, easements, etc. Elevations and contours features can also be requested to be shown on an ALTA.

Mortgage Location Survey
A mortgage location survey is an instrument (drawing) similar to the ALTA survey but on a smaller scale and typically for residential properties. The drawing is prepared for lenders and/or title companies for the transaction of real estate. The drawing shows buildings, improvements and easements to insurer lenders as to what is located on the land covered by the description in the mortgage.

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey determines the property lines and corners of a parcel of land described in a deed or the creation of a new parcel of land from a larger one. As a result, physical monumentation for the boundary corners is located and/or established along with the marking or staking of the property lines. This type of survey is more commonly needed to distinguish ownership or resolve disputes. A drawing and description can be provided depending on the situation.

Topographic Survey

A topographic or “topo” survey gathers the features of a parcel such as elevations, buildings, improvements, roads, utilities, easements, etc., needed for the design stage of a new project. Topo surveys are typically used for commercial projects.

Also available are:

  • Plats & Descriptions
  • Annexation & Dedication Plats
  • Construction Layout Staking

For more information on SJL’s Surveying & Mapping services and projects contact:

Keith A. Amstutz, P. E., S.I. | Mansfield
Phone: 419-756-7302

John ‘Andy’ Long, P. E., P.S. | Wooster
Phone: 330-345-6377

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