RIC-C.R.134-4.75 (Cook Road Sidewalks)

This LPA Municipal Sidewalk Design Project involved surveying and engineering for the removal of 910’ of guardrail, 51’ of concrete curb and 235 sq. yds. of existing asphalt pavement along Cook Road; 131 sq. ft. of sidewalk along Brookfield Drive; and the installation of 5579 sq. ft. of new 5’-6” wide concrete sidewalks, 989’ of 6” curbs, four curb ramps and 613’ of guardrail on both sides of Cook Road from the bridge over S.R.13 to Brookfield Drive, a distance of 643’. In addition, drainage was improved with five catch basins and 253’ of 12” storm sewer. No new right of way was required. To complete the project in 60 days, traffic will be detoured for 30 days and then maintained using one-lane, two-way traffic on Cook Road for up to 30 days. Plans were completed on a fast-track schedule in five and one-half months.

The estimated construction cost is $163,700.

Client: City of Mansfield, 2021.