RIC-C.R.320-1.00 County Bridge Replacement & Roadway Realignment Project

This project involved upgrading 1,735’ of C.R.320 (Possum Run Road) by replacement of the existing bridge with a 20’-6” span x 7’-3” rise x 67’-6” long aluminum box culvert including horizontal and vertical realignment of Possum Run Road and its intersection with C.R.372 (Swigart Road). Design services included surveying and engineering for the preparation of roadway construction plans including a project site plan, structure plans, drainage design, maintenance of traffic plans with focus on constructing as much of the new culvert and roadway as possible prior to detouring traffic, and right of way plans for 7 takes from 4 owners.

The projects estimated construction cost was $1,040,000.

Client: Richland County, 2012.