Mark E. Purdy, P. S.

Vice President / Secretary

Stark State College of Technology, North Canton, Ohio, 1988 to 1989.
ODOT Right-of-Way Plan Development Course, 2006

Registered Professional Surveyor in Ohio

Mr. Purdy has 28 years of surveying experience and has surveyed or reviewed the topographic and centerline of right of way establishment of over 120 roadway and bridge rehabilitation/replacement projects while he has served in our Wooster office. His experience includes topographic surveys, boundary surveys, ALTA surveys, construction staking, easement preparation, metes and bounds description preparation, plat preparation and right-of-way plans.

Topographic, Boundary and ALTA Surveying
Mr. Purdy has extensive experience preparing topographic and boundary surveys. Example projects include the following:

• SUM-21-(5.69)(7.58)(7.78), ODOT Dist. 4 Bridge Rehabilitation Project
• SUM-21-(2.60)(4.62), ODOT Dist. 4 Bridge Rehabilitation Project
• ASD-250-23.45, ODOT Dist. 3 Bridge Rehabilitation Project
• RIC-T.R.231-2.75, Richland County Bridge Replacement Project
• CRA-97-2.715, ODOT Dist. 3 State Roadway Reconstruction and Multiple Bridge/Culvert Replacement Projects
• RIC-Trimble Road III, City of Mansfield Roadway Widening and Bridge Rehabilitation Project
• ERI-C.R.13-0.000, Erie County Roadway Reconstruction Project
• BAU-T.R.299-1.39, Wayne County Roadway Reconstruction Project
• WAY-T.R.192-1.07, Wayne County Bridge Replacement Project
• WOO-T.R.76/T.R.49-1.03/1.11 Wayne County Bridge Replacement Project
• Marlowe Heights, Richland County Sanitary and Storm Sewer Improvement Project
• Mansfield Lahm Airport, City of Mansfield Storm Sewer Improvement Project
• RIC-C.R.121-4.97, Richland County Culvert Replacement Project

Right-of-Way Plans
Portage Road Improvement Project, City of Wooster