BEL-70-18.43 State Bridge Rehabilitation:

This Shaffer Pomeroy project improved 572’ of C.R.4 (Clark Road) over I.R.70 on the south edge of St. Clairsville in Belmont County. The project included replacing the existing continuous non-composite steel beam superstructure with a new four-span (47’-7⅞”, 60’-1¼”, 66’-7¼”, 41’-5”) continuous composite steel beam superstructure, modifying the abutments to semi-integral type, replacing the caps for the north shoulder and center median cap and column-type piers while removing, relocating and replacing the south shoulder cap and column-type pier to increase horizontal clearance, with all substructure units supported on spread footings bearing on shale. The proposed composite concrete deck will maintain 24’ of roadway width between the toe of the east concrete barrier and the toe of the new west 5’-9” wide sidewalk with a modified bridge sidewalk railing. Design services included surveying and engineering for the preparation of roadway construction plans including preparation of maintenance of traffic plans, part-width construction, bridge details and coordination with local utilities. The maintenance of traffic plan includes four phases, signalized closing of one lane of traffic on Clark Road with a truck route detour and closing of the paved shoulders on I.R.70 using portable concrete barriers. Pomeroy & Associates provided bridge design checking services.
Project estimated construction cost is $1,485,949.

Client: ODOT District 11, 2016.