WAY-83-(0.62)(0.74) State Bridge Replacements:

This Shaffer Pomeroy project improved 120’ of S.R.83 (Millersburg Road) over two tributaries to Savage Run in Franklin Township of Wayne County. The roadway curves 12°-21’ to the west over the north Savage Run tributary. The north bridge borders the Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area on the northwest and wetlands on the northeast. Two single span reinforced concrete slab bridges on concrete gravity abutments were replaced with two single span (24’ on the south and 20’ on the north) precast concrete arch section bridges supported by pile-supported footings and wingwalls. There were 10 parcels affected by right of way takes from six property owners, including the State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Pomeroy & Associates provided bridge design checking services.
Estimated construction cost was $725,656.

Client: ODOT District 3, 2018.