SUM-21-(5.69)(7.58)(7.78) State Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement

This project for ODOT District 4, completed in 2005, was composed of five bridges at three sites involving engineering and surveying services for the design of bridges, roadway resurfacing, approaches and maintenance of traffic with median crossovers all in Summit County. Total project length is 2,425’ with 2,885’ of pavement resurfacing. Descriptions of the three components of the project follow:

SUM-21-5.69 is located on Stimson Road over S.R.21. This portion of the project involved approach and maintenance of traffic design and bridge rehabilitation for a 725’ segment of the larger project. Designed approach pavement for Stimson Road and S.R.21 and rehabilitation of the four span (39’-3”, 2 @ 65’-6”, 45’-9”), two lane composite steel beam superstructure on modified semi-integral pile supported abutments and raised bridge seats on cap and column type piers on widened spread footings.

SUM-21-7.58L&R is located on S.R.21 over the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad. We designed the approach pavement for S.R.21 and rehabilitation and widening of the twin three span (64’-0”, 80’-0”, 64’-0”), three lane composite steel beam superstructures on modified and extended semi-integral pile supported abutments and T-type pile supported piers. Project length of this portion of the total project is 600’.

SUM-21-7.78L&R is located on S.R.21 over S.R.162 (Copley Road). We performed a sight distance study, roadway and bridge design for this 1,100’ portion of the total project. We designed roadway and twin single span (84’ each), three lane composite steel beam superstructures on new semi-integral abutments on spread footings supported by mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls.
The winning bid for the construction of this project was approximately $6.3 million.

Client: ODOT District 4, 2005.