SUM-21-(2.60)(4.62) State Bridge Rehabilitation

This project for ODOT District 4 involved the rehabilitation of two four span steel beam bridges: SUM-21-0260 (span lengths: 37’-3”, 2 @ 60’-8”, 37’-3”) which carries Greenwich Road over S.R.21 and SUM-21-0462 (span lengths: 42’-6”, 2 @ 60’-8”, 36’-6”) which carries Reimer Road over S.R.21, both in the City of Norton in Summit County. This project was completed in January 2006.

For SUM-21-0260, our design work involved the rehabilitation of the bridge by replacement of the existing non-composite continuous steel beams with composite metallized steel beams, converting the conventional pile-supported abutments into semi-integral abutments, replacement of the existing pier caps with new pier caps and raising the superstructure to improve the vertical clearance.

For SUM-21-0462, the work involved replacing the existing non-composite continuous steel beams and conventional pile-supported abutments with a new two span (103’-2”, 97’-2”) continuous composite metallized steel beam bridge design and modified semi-integral abutments that improved lateral shoulder clearances on S.R.21. The new superstructure was raised to improve vertical clearance over S.R.21, the median pier cap was replaced and footing widened.
The estimated construction cost for this project was approximately $2.1 million.
Contact: Ms. Lorie K. Feudner, P.E..

Client: ODOT District 4, 2006.