RIC-Butler Muni Bridge Municipal Bridge Replacement/Repair Project

This involved two bridges, both of which are located in Butler. The Union Street Bridge replacement project provided engineering and surveying services for replacing the previously-removed bridge with a 42’-5” span along the street centerline x 8’ rise x 36’-9” long 3-sided precast concrete flat-top structure on pile-supported concrete footings providing a 26’ wide (f/f guardrail) roadway and skewed 45° right forward. Cast-in-place reinforced concrete wingwalls are also pile-supported on HP10x42 steel “H” piles driven to refusal. Temporary steel sheet piling was used during construction adjacent to the northwest wingwall to retain soil supporting an existing 10” sanitary sewer line which cannot be disturbed.
The Union Street bridge replacement’s estimated construction cost was $338,620.

The Elm Street Bridge portion of this project involved repairing the badly cracked existing abutments using galvanized steel angles to tie cracked portions together and also to the deck slab, the center portion of which was still in good condition; replacing the damaged deck fascias with new 2’-6” wide reinforced concrete fascias; and overlaying the entire deck with 1¼” thick micro-silica modified concrete. New guardrail posts on the bridge and approaches were also installed.
The Elm Street bridge repair was estimated to cost $100,620.

Client: Village of Butler, 2013.