MED-94-(12.000)(12.640)(13.020) State Roadway Resurfacing, Culvert & Bridge Replacement

This metric project located on S.R.94 in Medina County included engineering and surveying services for a 1,050’ roadway widening and resurfacing project that included culvert and bridge replacements, storm sewer design drive approach reconstruction, maintenance of traffic plans, and right-of-way plans including 20 takes from 15 different owners. Our firm prepared the design for a 12’ span x 5’ rise x 58’ long precast box culvert, a 40’ span precast prestressed concrete box beam bridge on pile-supported stub abutments, and increased the vertical clearance at a railroad overpass by lowering the road’s profile grade.
Project estimated construction cost $975,449.
Contact: Mr. Michael L. Weiler, P.E..

Client: ODOT District 3, plans updated in 2005.