Gary C. Stoller, P. E.

Project Engineer
Roadway, Site Development, Storm Sewer,Sanitary Sewer, Bridge Inspection Design, Bridge Hydraulic Analysis & Design

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, 1997

ODOT Certifications
Traffic Signals, July 2007
Bridge Inspection, September & October 2012

Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio
Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control

Mr. Stoller has been practicing since 1997 and has been employed at SJL since 2005. In that time, he has gained civil engineering experience on over 100 projects for ODOT Districts 3, 4, 6, Counties, Municipalities, and private developers. This project experience includes the design of streets, roadways, drainage ways, storm sewers, stormwater detention and water quality structures, stormwater pollution prevention plans, grading plans, sanitary sewers, water lines, maintenance of traffic plans, traffic control plans, project site plans, and residential and commercial subdivisions.

Roadway/Street/Highway Design & Bridge Inspection
Mr. Stoller has been a design engineer for numerous new and reconstructed roadway/street/highway improvement projects including bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects. The types of work performed on these projects include, horizontal and vertical realignments, super elevation design, intersection and driveway sight distance calculations, storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) design and inspection, storm sewer design, ditch design including erosion control calculations, culvert calculations, typical section design, guardrail length of need calculations, cross section design, utility relocations, driveway design, quantity calculations, bridge hydraulic analysis and design, bridge design support, bridge load ratings and calculations, bridge inspections, preparation of general notes, preparation of project site plans and general summaries. Example projects include the following:


Roadway/Street/Highway.Bridge Inspection & Load Ratings
• Ohio Turnpike, OTC 3rd Lane Addition Project
• WAY-71, ODOT Dist. 3 3rd Lane Addition Project
• TRU-82, ODOT Dist. 4 Reconstruction Project
• WAY-30, ODOT Dist. 3 Reconstruction Project
• WAY-30, ODOT Dist. 3 Prelim. New Construction Project
• Discovery Park, Private Developer – New Residential Subdivision in Canal Fulton
• Woodland Creek, Private Developer – New Residential Subdivision in Massillon
• Dave Walters BMW, Maintenance of Traffic Plan in Akron
• Firestone Farms, Private Developer –  New Residential Subdivision in Columbiana
• Hemlock Trail, Private Developer –  New Residential Subdivision in Orrville
• Kokosing Plantation, Private Developer –  New Residential Subdivision in Knox County
• Ford Drive,  New Commercial Subdivision in Ashland
• City of Mansfield Bridge Inspections
• City of Mansfield Bridge Load Rating Inspections & Calculations
•  Wayne County Load Rating Inspections & Calculations
• WAY-Friendsville Road, SWppp & Inspection in Wooster
• ASD-179-8.35, SWPPP & Inspection in Ashland County
• Enterprise Subdivision, Private Commercial Subdivision in Wooster
• WAY-County Line Trail, New Bike Trail from Creston to Rittman
• Orrville-Marshallville Trail, New Bike Trail
• RIC-42-1.02, ODOT D3, Bridge Replacement Project
• CRA-598-9.11, ODOT D3, Bridge Replacement Project
• RIC-Union Street, Bridge Replacement Project in Butler
• MED-71-20.34, ODOT D3, Bridge Rehibilitation Project
• LOR-Black River Bikeway, Phase 4A, New Bridge on New Bike Trail in Elyria

Maintenance of Traffic
Mr. Stoller has been involved in the design of projects requiring various types of maintenance of traffic plans. Many of these projects required part-width construction so that through traffic could be maintained during construction. The design of these maintenance of traffic plans have included pavement for maintaining traffic, roads for maintaining traffic, work zone guardrail, portable concrete barrier design, work zone pavement marking and signing design, work zone typical section design and quantity calculations. He has also designed multi-phased maintenance of traffic plans that have included median crossovers, allowing both two-way one-lane operation and two-way two-lane operation to be maintained throughout the construction phase of the project. These plans have included maintenance of traffic cross sections detailing the limits of all roads and pavement for maintaining traffic and the appropriate temporary drainage. All maintenance of traffic plans have all been designed in conformance with the Traffic Engineering Manual, the OMUTCD, the current Construction and Materials Specifications and all applicable Standard Construction Drawings.

Site Planning
Mr. Stoller has been a design engineer for many residential and commercial site development projects. His experience includes site layout (parking, drive, utility, etc.) and grading for the site. Example projects include the following:

• Terry’s Tire Town, Commercial/Industrial Site in Alliance
• The Western Reserve Group, Commercial Site
• Gault Manor, College of Wooster Residence Hall in Wooster
• Fox Meadow, Condominium Subdivision in Wooster
• Milltown Point III, Apartment Complex in Wooster
• Poultry Barns, Case Farm, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
• Stonecraft, Industrial Site in Wooster
• P Graham Dunn, Commercial/Industrial Site in Dalton
• Burbank Road Retail Plaza, Redeveloped Commercial Site in Wooster
• Pinnacle Gymnastics, Commercial Site in Medina
• Walnut Creek Foods, Industrial Site in Walnut Creek
• Westfield Center Salt Storage, Industrial Site in Westfield
• Fastenal, Commercial Site in Wooster
• Canton Christian Home, Nursing Home Site in Canton
• Gerber Poultry, Commercial/Industrial Site in Kidron
• West Lake Warehouse, Industrial Site in Ashland
• Das Dutch Bulk Storage, Commercial Site in Dalton
• Andrews/Galphin Hall, College of Wooster, Handicap Improvement in Wooster
• Campus Bell Store, Gas Station Site Improvement in Wooster
• Bekaert, Industrial Site in Orville

• The Pines, WWTP in Orrivlle
• Buckeye Deli, WWTP Upgrade in Nashville
• Lowe & Young, Pump Station in Wooster
• Spruce Tree Village, WWTP Upgrade in Wooster
• Hilltop Group Home, WWTP Upgrade